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  • 19.10.2020 back_to_list


    For us, rebranding is more than just a logo update!

    This is a step towards new customers, and a small shake-up for current partners to tell and remind about the advantages of the products and our plant, with which people are already working or are planning to conclude a deal.

    This is a new policy of the company, in one image the buyer must see both the product itself and the philosophy of the company, which is why #OUR NEW has come.

    The harmonious shape of the oval, the stylized element of the boat and the name of our city - the central elements of the LOGO - remained unchanged. When it comes to the best!

    The purpose of the rebranding was to update, update and develop the corporate identity of the GLUBOKOE brand.            

    The task was to update the corporate identity (packaging design) of the canned milk category, and as a result, fresh actual forms and features for packaging were found, compositional continuity with the current corporate identity was preserved.

                The restyling of our logo has been successfully implemented. The professionals in their field - the branding agency MEDIAFON - have found a design solution that allowed to preserve the continuity of the new logo with the current sign, while marking a new fresh "European vector".

    Therefore, we expect in the new design a high-quality and tasty product produced by the plant: