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  • 29.11.2019 back_to_list

    Fight with competitors close-up: is everything fair?

    Recently, an article appeared on the Internet, the primary source of which is the website of Roskontrol (Russia) that our company produces whole condensed milk with sugar does not comply with GOST 31688-2012. We couldn't help but make our own investigation.  Have studied presented on the official website test reports and certificate of purchase, coding and depersonalization of product samples. As a result, a number of confirmations were revealed that the samples of condensed milk TM "Glubokoe" tested by "R. O. S. control" are counterfeit. We assume that these products are not manufactured at our company.

         In addition, the network has enough information about the activities of the Union of consumers R. O. S. control. In short-an organization that skillfully uses the prefix "R. O. S." in its name, because it is not " ROS " from the word Russia, and R.-regional, O.-public, S.-control system. You can find a lot of comments about the activities of this organization.

    For example, 

          Dear our valued customers! Gluboksky dairy plant has produced and continues to produce high-quality products for You.  Not many manufacturers can boast of such an assortment of dairy products. The company has implemented and successfully operates the international food safety system FSSC 22000, a food safety system based on critical control points HACCP, which is already a guarantee of quality.  Every year our plant receives awards for the quality of its products, including in the Russian Federation.

             We modernize production, install modern lines of equipment, develop new types of packaging, expand the range, introducing unique technologies. We believe in our customer and hope that you stay with us!