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   Building of Glubokoe dairy-canning factory was started in 1966. The plant was put info operation on January 1, 1972 according to the order of the Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry of the USSR No.30 of January 20, 1972. By this time the first line for production of condensed milk with sugar, whole-milk production and butter.

   July 1, 1972 the second line for production of condensed milk without sugar was commissioned.

   Production capacity was constantly increased and production facilities were updated.

   Swedish line "Alfa-Laval" was installed for production of sterilized milk canned food and two vacuum evaporators "Wiegand-8000" for production of condensed milk with sugar  (1972, 1974, 1978, 1990).

   In 1980 the processing shop of milk substitutes production equipped with Czech dryer  "VRA-4" was built. In 1987 home-made dryer "OSV-1" was put info operation. In 1996 the production of milk substitute was stopped and the processing  shop began to manufacture dried fat-free milk, and also dried mixture for ice-cream. Since 2004 dried whole milk has been produced.

   In 1984 two American filling and rolling up machines "Angelius" were commissioned for manufacturing of sterilized milk.

   At first two lines of home-made can production "SAL-1" (Simferopol) were installed at the can workshop. In 1985 it was updated and the German-made line "Blema" was installed and in 1988 the second line was commissioned. The third German-made line "Blema-Kerheis" of production of cans with welded joint was put into operation in 1999. It improved the can quality and the quality  of milk canned food.

     After reconstruction  of whole-milk processing shop it was divided  into the section of sour-cream production and product bagging section.

    In 1998 three Italian box gluing machines "Siat" were commissioned at the canning shop.

    In 1977 the line "OLA-1" was installed at the butter workshop, in 1982 and 1989 the German-made lines "FBFZ/1" were put into operation.

     In September 2007 a new Italian pasterization-cooling machine "Frautech" was commissioned.

     Nowadays our plant continues to increase production capacity , expand the products range and promote the trade-mark on the Belorussian and foreign markets.