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excursion round the factory

    Canning shop

Canning shop produces condensed dairy canned food with and without sugar. Before a can of milk canned food is used by a consumer, milk passes several processing stages and each stage is put to the laboratory and technological control. The production process of milk canned food starts from receiving laboratory which control the qualiti of the received milk.

    Milk is processed on the equipment of Alfa-Laval company. The milk chosen by the laboratory is cooled by the plate cooler and placed to intermediate storage. Then the milk is delivered to the processing shop where it is purified by milk-cleaning separators, fat is standardized by cream-separating units. Milk is refined from different bacteria by bactofugeurs and heated by pasteurization-cooling units. After that milk is condensed. In the production of condensed milk with sugar the vacuum-evaporator "Wiegand-8000" is used for milk condensation. In the production of canned food without sugar the film vacuum-evaporator "Schaefers-6000" is used for milk condensation. Milk canned food is packaged in cans, packed in shipping container and placed on the pallets on the complex lines of the Italian firm "Alfa Laval" (Sweden) and "Zilli-Bellini" (Italy). Besides cans condensed milk is also packaged in polymeric packing. It is a packing  Doj-pack and laminated tube, large packing-polymeric pails with the volume of 10 liters, laminated sacks "Bag-in Box" with the volume of  20 liters, cardboard drums and polymeric barrels with the volume of 50 liters, milk tank.

    Average annual capacity of production shop of condensed milk with sugar is 48000 tubs; of condensed milk without sugar is 30000 tubs.

   The capacity of production shop per shift of condensed milk with sugar is 96 tubs; of condensed milk without sugar is 60 tubs.

   Note: tub means a thousand of standard  cans.

    Workshop of dried milk 

  Workshop of dried milk manufactures dried milk canned food:   dried fat-free milk;   dried whole milk 25%, 26% fat;    milk whey;    milk substitutes.

      The capacity of the workshop is 12 tons of milk per shift. Before getting finished product milk passes several processing stages. After purification, thermal working by the pasteurization-cooling units milk is condensed by the vacuum-evaporator and delivered to drying.

    The workshop is equipped with two dryers with a capacity of 1000 kg per hour and 1500 kg per hour of dried milk.

   Dried milk is packaged in paper sacks weighing 25 kg and in laminated packings weighing 250 g and 500 g.

   Butter workshop 

      Butter workshop produces butter by continuous churning. It is packaged in 200 g packs from laminated foil or in 20 kg cases wrapped with parchment  paper.

     For packaging of butter in packs is established a packaging machine. At present 1-1,5 tons of butter is packaged per shift.

     Average annual butter output is 3600 tons.

      Whole-milk processing shop

      At present the shop processes 25 tons of milk per 24 hours and produces 35 names of whole-milk production.

     Big assortment of whole-milk production includes   pasteurized milk;    curds products;   yoghurt;   sour;   kefir and kefir drinks.

          Can workshop

       There are two manufacturing lines of can "Blema" (Germany) with capacity of 250 cans and 250 covers per minute.

       In 1998 a German line "Blema-Kerheis" on production  of can by welded joint with capacity of 280 cans per minute was installed. Cans are produced for sterilized canned food on this new line.