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Company Today

Glubokoe dairy-canning factory is one of the largest manufacturer of dairy products both in the Republic of Belarus and in the countries of the CIS.

      Today, Glubokoe dairy-canning factory manufactures about 80 kinds of natural dairy products satisfying the tastes of the most demanding consumers. High quality, modern equipment from leading manufacturers, well-developed logistic system, clear positioning in the market are important competitive advantages of OJSC “Glubokoe dairy-canning factory”.

       Range of products manufactured at Glubokoe dairy-canning factory includes following range groups:

canned milk

milk powder


milk products, curds, yoghurt, fermented milk products

hard rennet cheese

milk fat replacer

The products of the company are popular not only in Belarus but also in other countries. Lately we can say with confidence about the growth of exports and the expansion of the supply geography.

The products of  Glubokoe dairy-canning factory are positioned under slogan “We don’t argue about tastes, we guarantee the quality”.  

Using of high-quality ingredients corresponding to European standards is the basis of success.